Taking it on the Road

A field trip is defined as an organized group activity required by a faculty member to meet the educational objectives of his/her course and which requires a student group to leave the normally scheduled classroom or laboratory.

Field Trip forms must be completed and submitted to the requesting department Dean two weeks in advance of the date of the field trip. A current class list which includes each of the students who will be participating in the field trip must be attached.

If a college vehicle is required for the field trip, requestor must forward an approved copy of the Field Trip form with the class list, to the Athletic Department (BFH103) at least one (1) week prior to the date of the field trip so that arrangements for transportation can be made. Failure to do so may make it impossible to arrange for the transportation necessary for the trip.

Athletic events, student activity events, travel as part of enrichment or non-credit continuing education classes, co-op participation travel, and travel to and from other schools or off-campus facilities normally attended during the conduct of a credit class are not considered to be field trips.