Engagement Hours

College Engagement Activities

Full-time faculty are expected to participate in an average of six hours of on-campus college engagement activities per week totaling at least 90 hours per semester during Fall and Winter semesters. The engagement plan must be provided to the Dean in writing no later than the first week of the semester. The faculty member is expected to document actual time spent on engagement hours and communicate changes to their dean as they occur. Faculty who wish to maintain all or a portion of their engagement hours by holding traditional office hours on campus for student engagement may do so. Compensation for college engagement hours is included in full-time base pay.

Student Engagement - Full- and Part-time Teaching Faculty

Teaching faculty (full- and part-time) will be available to their students by a range of means.

All teaching faculty are expected to respond to voicemail and email in a timely fashion, within forty-eight (48) hours except in the event of college breaks or leaves of absence.


It is important for all users to check their email on a regular basis. Gmail is the Mott College standard for email and calendaring. Gmail is used for college-wide communications and lets you communicate electronically with other Gmail users and other email packages. Mott Community College Gmail is available to all Mott employees. To request a Gmail account, contact the Help Desk at 2-HELP (24357) or (810) 767-4357.

Voice Mail

Each faculty and staff member is assigned a voice mailbox for sending and receiving telephone messages. To receive a voice mailbox number and instructions for accessing voice mail, please check with your division’s administrative assistant.

ID Cards

ID cards are required to enter the faculty parking lot, check out materials from the Mott Library, and can have a cash value added to be used in vending machines and to exit the paid parking lot. To obtain your ID card, contact your division office.