Desk Copies

Faculty requiring a copy of a textbook instructor’s manual or test bank should see their coordinator, discipline representative and/or division administrative assistant.

Book Orders

Books are ordered for each semester as the schedule is created, approximately three months in advance. Custom Packages take longer to assemble at the publisher, and therefore take longer to be delivered and available.

Double-check the order that the administrative assistant has submitted for your class. Review the order for Title, Author, Edition and ISBN before classes begin. A week before classes begin, administrative assistants from each division are encouraged to review the books on the shelves in the bookstore. If you have problems with books for your section, contact your division office and work with the administrative assistant.

The US Department of Education’s Higher Education Opportunity Act (2008), requires institutions to disclose the ISBN number of required and recommended text books and supplemental materials along with their retail pricing information. This information must be printed in course schedules “to the maximum extent possible”.

Publishers are required to provide faculty with information on price, copyright dates of the three previous editions, any substantial revisions between a new edition and prior iterations, whether the textbook is available in any other format and at what price and to supply textbooks in bundled and unbundled formats.