I've been Accepted, What Happens Next?

Once you have been admitted, you will be placed in a Gateway to College Learning Community at Mott Community College. The Learning Community:

  1. Is a cohort group of students who take first term courses together in preparation for mainstream college courses in the second term.
  2. Completes reading, writing, math, college skills and an academic seminar during their first term. Placement in reading, writing, and math courses is based on placement test scores and will be determined by your Resource Specialist.
  3. Earn both high school and college credit for completed courses. After the first term, you will transition to a more mainstream schedule on the MCC campus. You will continue working toward your high school diploma and earn college credit as a student in traditional college classes.

What Am I Expected to do?

While the Gateway to College Resource Specialists will help you plan and enroll in courses, keep you on track for high school completion, and help you choose a career path to align with your college courses, you are expected to:

  1. Attend 100% of your classes
  2. Arrive on time and prepared with class materials and completed assignments
  3. Maintain at least “C” average in all of your classes and a 2.0 GPA
  4. Spend 3-4 hours a day working on homework and studying in addition to class time.
  5. Adhere to all MCC Student Code of Conduct, and Gateway to College policies and procedures.

If you are working, or looking for work, please consider the amount of time you will need to invest in this program to be successful when you look for employment options.

How Are You Going to Help Me?

Gateway to College is designed for students that are struggling with all kinds of personal, economic, and academic issues. We understand that if we want our students to be successful, we need to assist and connect you to resources/services needed to remove barriers to success. We will:

  1. Connect students with Resource Genesee for assistance with finding housing, clothing, food, health services, parenting skills/childcare, and legal questions.
  2. Connect students to Workforce Education Center for assistance with education, training, employment, GED Prep and High School Completion opportunities.
  3. Provide bus passes and transportation assistance to students to get to Mott Community College – Gateway to College Program
  4. Connect students with campus clothing shops like Ellen's Closet and King's to get students appropriate and affordable professional clothing for interviews
  5. Connect students with campus health and personal care resources including the Dental Clinic and Transitions Salon
  6. Connect students to academic assistance resources including Peer Tutoring, the Writing Center, the Science & Mathematics Study Center , and other study groups
  7. Assist students with understanding any Mott Community College and Gateway to College student expectations, policies, and procedures.

We, at Gateway to College, want you to be successful and we will assist you in overcoming obstacles in your personal and academic life. If you need help, contact your Resource Specialist.

How Long Will The Program Take?

Most students are in Gateway for 1-3 years. Your exact length of time in the program depends on your age, how many high school credits you have earned, and how many you need to complete your diploma. Typically, you remain in Gateway until you earn your diploma before the age of 25—and we encourage you to continue your college education once you have successfully completed the Gateway to College Program.

How Much Does the Program Cost?

Gateway to College is a scholarship program that pays for college tuition and books. You are only expected to pay for school related supplies and library or parking fees when you incur them.

Other Questions

Applicants who have received Special Education Services and who have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) in place are required to submit a copy of their IEP during the application process. This will allow the Gateway to College staff to review the services in the IEP to assist the student and determine if appropriate services will be available at Mott Community College via the Disability Services office.
We encourage you to stay in school and seek academic and personal resources to help stay on track to graduate. Hopefully you do not have to make a change in your education path as significant as Gateway. Consideration will be taken as a referral option for students who are at risk of leaving school and/or who are significantly behind in credits. We strongly suggest that you stay enrolled in school until you know that you have been accepted to the Gateway to College program. Once you have been accepted, you will need to withdraw from your high school.
While we expect our students to make their classes their highest priority, you can participate in MCC clubs and events. You can also apply for MCC student employment opportunities, such as peer tutors, office assistants, etc. As a member of Gateway to College you can also become a member of the MCC Honors Program and graduate from MCC as an Honor student. The following must be met prior to participating:
  1. Must be meeting Gateway to College academics, attendance, and behavior expectations.
  2. Can only participate after successfully completing “Foundation Term.”, which the first term.
  3. Must get approval from Director/Resource Specialist to participate.

Students who were in Gateway to College but left the program before completing need to appeal if they would like to return to Gateway. To appeal, students need to fill out the appeal form and return it to Raleigh Ford, Gateway to College Resource Specialist. There are two ways to return the appeal form:

  • Mail it to:
    Raleigh Ford
    Wagner Building
    709 N. Saginaw St.
    Flint, MI 48503
  • Drop it off in person: Mott Community College - Prahl College Center, PCC 2020B

Once your appeal is received, you will be contacted to set up an appointment to discuss your appeal. The appeal is due at least one month before the first day of the term for which you would like to return. If you have questions about the appeal process, please contact Raleigh Ford, Resource Specialist, at 810 762-5173 or email at raleigh.ford@mcc.edu. Still have questions? You can check out our Program Brochure or call us at (810) 232-2690 or (810) 762-5173 or email us at gatewaytocollege@mcc.edu.

High School Diploma Graduation Requirements

Students enrolled in Mott Community College-Gateway to College High School Diploma program are required to complete 23 high school credits. Gateway follows graduation requirement of our partnering school district: Flint Community Schools.

All transcripts will be reviewed to determine which credits have already been completed in high school. All courses are taught in a traditional setting. Regular class attendance and class participation is required.

Graduation Requirements: (Flint Community Schools)
English 4
Algebra I (1), Geometry (1), and Algebra II (1) required.
One of the 4 math credits must be in senior year.
Biology (1), Chemistry or Physics (1),
and 1 other science credit.
Social Studies
U.S. History/Geography (1),
World History/Geography (1),
Civics (.5), and Economics (.5)
Health (.5) .5
Physical Education (1) .5
Computer Education
Using computers
Fine Arts
Visual, Performing, or Applied
Career & Technical Education
or Foreign Language
Foreign Language
(beginning with class of 2016)
ACT Prep .5
Senior Management .5