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Contact Us
(810) 762-0380

Hours of Operation
8:00am - 7:00pm
Monday - Thursday

The Training Tower is a designated auxiliary fitness area for members to use during class times. It is open to members during all hours of operation.

Durham Wellness and Physical Education Center on the main campus, which provides a safe, educational environment for individual fitness evaluation and training. Microfit Fitness Profile testing aids participants in setting realistic, personal fitness goals. Workout programs utilize Nautilus equipment for strength and cardiopulmonary/aerobic programming.

Student Membership

The Durham Wellness and Physical Education Center is open to all currently enrolled MCC students who have completed one of these MCC courses:

PEAC – 101 Circuit Training (formally PEAC-130)
PEAC - 102 Circuit Training for Wellness
PEAC – 106 Physical Conditioning
PEAC – 144 Weight Training

After successful course completion, membership fee is $25 each semester (Payable at cashier office)

Faculty / Staff Membership

Current faculty / staff have 2 options to obtain a membership at the Durham Wellness and Physical Education Center.

Option 1 - Take one of the required PEAC courses offered. (See list above)

Option 2 - Schedule an appointment with the Durham supervisor and complete an individual orientation.
To set up an orientation call (810) 762-0380 or email Robert Reynolds at robert.reynolds@mcc.edu

After successful course completion / orientation, membership fee is $25 each semester. (Payable at cashier office.)

Join us to work off stress and improve your fitness level!