Credit for Certification

Gain Credit for Earned Certifications

Students can gain free college credit for completed industry certifications at Mott Community College. This policy is to allow students who have already mastered skills to continue forward with their studies instead of taking classes for content they already have learned. Students are required to provide proof of completion (e.g. official transcript providing successful completion of exam) to the Coordinator in order to be granted credit for the course.

Earn Certification While at Mott

Several courses within the Information Technology area map to industry certification. Mott offers low-cost testing options on campus. Contact the Testing Center (link) to setup your certification appointment.

Eligibility Requirements for Credit for Industry Certification

To be eligible, students:

  • Must be declared within an IT degree program.
  • Must have passed the industry certification exam within three years of application for credit.
  • Must have completed an additional course in the sequence of courses for their degree with a final grade of 2.0 or higher.
CompTIA Certification
CompTIA Certification Exam Information Mott Community College Course
A+ Essentials COMC 115-A+ Core Hardware Components
A+ IT Technician COMC 125-A+ Operating Systems Technologies
CompTIA Network+ Exam COMN 120-Network Essentials Networking
CompTIA Security+ Exam COMN 184-Information Security in a Digital Age
CompTIA Linux+ Exam COMS-130 Introduction to Linux
CIW Certification
CIW Certification Exam Information Mott Community College Course
CIW Site Development Associate COMW-100 Intro to Web Page Creation