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The International and Global Studies (IGS) Endorsement is an interdisciplinary program designed to enhance and promote global awareness and provide a knowledge base for understanding the political, economic, social, and cultural aspects of current world issues. It also provides students with the basis for further study towards an undergraduate degree in international studies, international relations, careers in government, international organizations, social work, journalism, international consulting, and community development.

To apply for the IGS program, students will need to meet with the IGS advisor [email protected]. Students are also urged to discuss their program plans with an MCC counselor after meeting with the IGS advisor.

IGS Alumni Spotlight: Kylee Petersen

 Kylee Petersen

Hello! My name is Kylee Petersen. I am an alumnus in the International and Global studies program here at MCC. I am 24 years old; I am about to graduate with my associates in general studies. I earned the endorsement through many classes and activities that were held through the college. I will then continue my education to become a medical social worker. In being a part of the International and Global Studies program, I have learned how important it is to be a voice for people of different races, ethnicities, and backgrounds. The best way I feel I can do that is in the medical field, helping patients to have a voice.

The biggest issue I faced when I started college was that I did not really know anyone. I had to start my college journey over and coming to Mott was scary at first because I didn't really have a support system. In this program, I found lifelong friends, a great support system, and a newfound confidence in myself and my abilities.

My favorite course to take in the program had to have been my first class that counted toward the endorsement, French 151 (Elementary French). I found myself again and was able to break out and begin to be confident in myself. The professor is amazing, the group of people were awesome, and for my final I dressed up as Mrs. Claus to talk about Christmas in France. It truly began the path of where I am today.

One piece of practical advice I would give to someone starting this program would be to remember that what is learned through this program is important for any major. It’s important to be culturally and globally aware even in your field of study and career. There are people from all backgrounds with the same major and that that major is used globally, not just nationally. Be open to new experiences and learn about the world - not just what's immediately around you.

Studying abroad through this program has changed not only how I react to my own community/home, but also about the world. Our point of view is not the only one. And sometimes we must get out of our comfort zone to re affirm that, to see the world from another point of view. I will never forget the first time I studied abroad, I did not have any expectations, I truly lived in the moment and saw new ways of living and how beautiful it can be.

To someone on the fence about the program, I would say I know new experiences can be scary or intimidating. But everyone working in the program, advising, helping, and cheering you on just wants the best for you. They want to help you be the best you can possibly be in your major and be a better global citizen. Whether that looks like just taking the classes, going to the events, studying abroad, or all three, they just want to open you up to the greater world around us. Are you ready?