Become Successful in Today's Global Workforce

One of the essential outcomes for all programs at MCC is global awareness. This competency is vital for people to be successful in today’s globally competitive workforce as the workforce becomes more mobile on a global scale.

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A globally connected classroom provides a number of benefits for students and faculty:

  • Intercultural Competency
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • 21st Century Technology Skills
  • Inclusive Workplace
  • Global leadership

What is Curriculum Globalization:

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Curriculum that is globally focused provides cross-cultural skills and perspectives within a discipline. According the American Council on Education, internationalized content provides …

  • Cross-border, regional or global trends in the field
  • Different national historical, political, and cultural perspectives course material
  • Challenges for developing countries
  • Intercultural issues in professional practice
  • International and national laws, standards, and customs pertaining to professional practice in different national settings
  • Nuances of field-specific terminology in different linguistic and cultural contexts

What is Virtual Exchange

Uses technology to allow geographically-separated people to interact and communicate to enhance educational experiences and increase competencies. Typically virtual exchange links the classrooms of two or more institutions of higher education, each located in a different country or cultural setting.

According to COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) Virtual Exchange provides …

  • Dialogues and collaboration between people and classrooms sustained over a period of time online
  • Interactive social learning
  • Facilitated (by professors or trained facilitators)
  • Meaningful intercultural experiences
  • Intentional, goal-oriented activities
  • Often project-based, can involve service learning and/or community engagement
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Professional Development

Each fall and winter semesters, the International Institute provides professional development for Curriculum Globalization and Virtual Exchange.

For faculty who have not yet integrated global awareness into their courses, the institute offers a mini conference for virtual exchange. Currently the training includes a stiped upon completion and upon implementing a first-time virtual exchange project into a course. The Institute also offers mini workshops for integrating a module that includes integrating international research, and/or international application of concepts in the field of study.

Support Resources: MCC is a member of virtual exchange collaboratives including:

For more information about professional development opportunities and virtual exchange collaboratives, please contact the program coordinators: