What Is A Campus Security Authority (CSA)

The Department of Education defines a Campus Security Authority, as any campus law enforcement unit, any official of an institution who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities, and any employee who manages or otherwise oversees student and campus activities, including, but not limited to a student center, student extra-curricular activities; athletics coaches and trainers, faculty advisors to student groups, staff responsible for student discipline and campus judicial staff.

I have been told about a crime, what should I do?

When a crime is reported to you, first ask the person if they would like to report it to the Mott Department of Public Safety. If so, contact us at (810) 762-0222. If you have firsthand knowledge and confirmation that the reporting party filed a police report with Mott DPS, then you are not obligated to take any further action. However, if the reporting party says they will file a police report with Mott DPS, leaving you with no firsthand knowledge and confirmation that a police report was filed, then you must still complete and submit a CSA Report Form. Gather as much information about the incident to sufficiently fill out the CSA Report Form. You should not investigate the crime or attempt to determine whether a crime, in fact, took place. When in doubt, a CSA Report Form should be completed and submitted!


If you have any questions about Campus Security Authorities responsibilities or the training itself, please contact: