Upholding Honor…Building Trust…Fostering Integrity


Community Caretaking

Community Caretaking is our mission. “Community Caretaking” is a philosophy that promotes organization-wide strategies emphasizing:

  • Service
  • Education and Training
  • Partnerships
  • Crime Prevention
  • Crime Reduction

with the goal of gaining greater community involvement to reduce crime through improved understanding of law enforcement practices.

Service is the primary orientation of police engaged in community caretaking. However, officers will always have to provide enforcement of laws as part of their duties, no matter the philosophy of policing championed.

On the campus of Mott Community College, the Public Safety Department provides a range of services including, security, safety and enforcement. However, the focus is on providing service to the community and taking care of students, faculty, staff and the community in which we reside.

The community caretaking philosophy can lead community members to experience less fear and greater trust in the police; they will also become more active participants in their own safety and security. The Department will ensure that policies, procedures and protocols meet or exceed best practices.