Learning Above and Beyond

Outstanding students may take independent study at MCC, which provides learning opportunities beyond the content of a course.

Students must have sophomore standing, have taken a minimum of 28 credits, and have demonstrated excellence within the discipline selected for study. They should approach a full-time faculty member or his/her designee with a plan for independent study.

There must be a written proposal signed by the faculty member or designee who agrees to work with students in independent study.

There must be a clear statement of the learning needs of the student, learning objectives to be achieved and how they will be achieved, the resources and strategies to be used, evidence of accomplishments, and the criteria and methods used to validate learning.

Independent study is not an alternative to or substitute for a current course.

It is not to be used as credit for life experience or credit by examination, and it is not a topics and issues course. Independent study is limited to one semester or session, and no more than three (3) credits may be earned.