Mott Awards

I love being able to volunteer and help others. I may not have made a difference in the ENTIRE world, but I think I may have had an impact on the people that I helped. I know these people most certainly had an impact on me!

— Student

How Does Mott Award Outstanding Contributions?

Mott Community College recognizes students, faculty, and staff who provide outstanding service through experiential learning. The Office of Experiential Learning presents the following awards at the annual Experiential Learning Awards Reception:

Student Certificates and Awards

Heart and Soul Nomination Form example

Service Hour Certificates

Students who contribute to community based experiential learning as part of a course or our CTL service program can receive a certificate of service hours. Faculty will be required to validate the location and hours of service on behalf of the student. Students can request a certificate through the CTL at

Award Nominations

Each spring, faculty members with experiential learning designated courses have the opportunity to nominate students from fall and winter semesters for awards using an online nomination form. Students who perform 5-24 hours of service (preparation time included), are eligible to receive the Mott Commitment to Service Award. Students who perform 25 or more hours are eligible to receive the Heart and Soul Award awarded by both Mott Community College and Michigan Campus Compact. One nominee from the Heart and Soul recipients is selected by the Experiential Learning Advisory Council to receive the Campus Commitment to Service Award based on his/her contributions for greater impact. The CTL will notify all student awardees and the awards will be presented at the annual Experiential Learning Reception.

Faculty and Staff Certificates and Awards

Faculty Award Nominations

Each year the Experiential Learning Advisory Council selects a faculty member to receive the Faculty Champion of Engagement Award. This award recognizes faculty who involve or influence students to make significant contributions to the sustainability and institutionalization of community engagement.

Faculty/Staff Award Nominations

Service Saturdays is a program through the Center for Teaching and Learning where MCC faculty and staff have the opportunity to participate together in community volunteer work with area agencies. Each year the Experiential Learning Advisory Council selects one participant to receive the CTL Community Service Award. This award recognizes the faculty or staff member who was a frontrunner in service hours to the community through the CTL.