Connection and Reflection

“Leadership through service is so important. Giving to others is a great opportunity. Everyone should take part in it.”

— Student

Connection to Academic Learning

Dental Hygiene students demonstrating how to brush your teeth

Students should be able to directly link what they are learning in the classroom to what they are experiencing in the community to enhance student understanding of course content. The service activity should be connected to course objectives and learning outcomes.


The quantity and quality of reflection contribute to a deeper understanding and better application of subject matter, increased knowledge of social agencies, increased complexity of problem and solution analysis, and greater use of subject matter in analyzing a problem.

Placement Quality

The establishment of quality community partnerships will provide productive learning situations for students as well as genuinely useful resources to the community.

Community Voice

Community voice is integrated into service-learning. Its presence in a project is a predictor of students gaining cultural appreciation, rewards in the service, a better understanding of the community, and identification with community partners.