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The Automotive Department at Mott Community College prepares students in a hands on learning service lab. This allows our community to schedule automotive service time for inspection, diagnosis, and repairs for a small fee, plus the cost of any parts that might be installed. All service is performed by students and inspected by our ASE Certified Instructors.

student working on automobile on lift

Schedule an automotive service appointment:

  • Call the automotive office in the Regional Technology Center at (810) 762-0575 or
  • Email our office at [email protected]


  • $10 per vehicle per day
  • Cost of part - you may not provide your own parts

Cars must be dropped off at 8:00am on the day of the appointment.

A member of the service floor team will call when your car is completed.

Cars must be 2014 or newer.


  • The only forms of payment that will be accepted is debit or credit card.


General & Undercar Repairs


Pads, Rotors*, Drums, and Shoes.
*Rotor turning services are available depending on rotor condition.

It does not include ABS light


Tie rod ends, Idler arms, Pitman arms, Swaybars, and related parts


Four-wheel alignments

Tire Service

Tire rotation. Tire balancing.

We do not offer tire disposal.

Suspension Service

Shocks and struts. Lower control arm replacement. Ball joint replacement. (on certain vehicles.) Stabilizer links. Wheel hub bearings.

Belts and Hoses

Serpentine belt. Accessory drive belt. Coolant system radiator hoses. Heater hoses.

Charging system

12-volt battery and alternator diagnosis and replacement.

General Maintenance

Oil changes - most all vehicles. Transmission fluid and filter change - some vehicles. Cooling system fluid change - most vehicles.

General Repairs

License plates, Brake lights, Headlights, Cabin air filters.

General & Undercar Repairs

Drivability Issues

Vehicle runs rough. Check engine light on. Diagnosis is nearly guaranteed. Repairs are contingent on the availability of parts and the size of the job.


Power windows, Power seats, Interior and exterior lighting.


Check engine light

Fuel Systems

Fuel filters. Some fuel pump replacements - depends on vehicle

Heating / Air Conditioning

Most models.

Not able to service R-1234yf refrigerant.

Ignition Systems

Spark plug replacement and diagnosis. Some ignition coils


Starter diagnosis and replacement - on most vehicles.

Timing Belts

Belts only. No timing chains.

General Engine Repairs

Small oil leaks. Some thermostat replacements.

The vehicle will need an inspection to determine if repair can be completed.

Some services we can not do

  • Engine and transmission replacement
  • Rebuilding anything of any kind
  • Head gaskets
  • Exhaust replacement and exhaust work
  • Body and paint work
  • Rusted brake lines - (too much liability)