What is the Workforce Promise?

Workforce Promise Logo

Mott Community College’s Workforce Promise is a program that promises students and employers that career readiness is a foundational pillar of student success. The Workforce Promise prepares students to showcase the skills they developed at MCC that employers say are essential for all new employees. These skills go beyond the technical skills and include the career readiness skills necessary to succeed in any career.

Our Promise to Students

Mott Community College’s Workforce Promise prepares students to meet the expectations of the job field they are entering after degree completion. Students will have a transcript with both the technical courses and the career readiness skills earned during their degree completion.

Students will be able to articulate the skills they have earned and will create a portfolio (digital and hard copy) to present to employers highlighting the skills developed while completing the Workforce Promise.

Students who complete the Workforce Promise will be offered an interview by an employer partner within their respective field.

Our Promise to Employers

Employers will become strategic partners with MCC and will receive a direct pipeline to talent from MCC’s CTE and Workforce Development programs specific to their labor needs. Partnering employers will be the first to offer interviews, to do in class presentations, participate in hiring fairs, and other opportunities to engage with our student population.

Employers will offer interviews for students who complete the Workforce Promise.

Employers who hire MCC graduates have the ability to refer students back to MCC to build on any skill set identified by the employer in which the MCC graduate may need additional support and training.

That is our promise! An employment ready graduate that has the skills necessary to succeed in their new field of study with an employer that is investing in the student with the option to refer the student back to MCC for skill building in an identified area of improvement.