Mott Student ID

A Mott student ID card is issued to students when they enroll in courses for the first time. Students are required to have their picture taken for their student ID card. Pictures are taken in the Admission Office. Cards are mailed to students at the student's home address.

Students are required to have their Mott student ID to check out books and other resources from the Mott Library. The ID card is also an alternate source of ID to access the MCC Computer Labs and other student services.

Benefits of the student ID card:

  • No charge for the initial card issued.
  • Eliminates the need to carry cash
  • 10% discount when adding value to your card at $10 or $20 increments
  • Use to exit the main campus paid parking lot using the yellow card reader.
  • Discount on paid copies

Money can be added to the student ID card by using the Cash Card Loader machines located across campus in most buildings.

Cash Card Loader Machine
Cash Card Loader Machine
Paid Parking Lot Machine
Paid Parking Lot Machine

Cash Card Loader machines are located:

Building Location in Building
Curtice-Mott Complex 1st Floor Vending Area
1st Floor Student Lounge Area
2nd Floor Vending Area
Bear Bistro
Gorman Science Center Main Floor
Mott Library Main Floor
Mott Memorial Building 2nd Floor Vending Area
Prahl College Center Main Floor
Regional Technology Center 2nd Floor Vending Areas
Visual Arts & Design Center Main Floor
Lapeer Extension Center Lobby
Northern Tier Center Lobby
Southern Lakes Branch Center Lobby
NOTE: If the machine does not return your card for any reason, please report this to the Cashier's Office as soon as possible.

Replacement Card

There is no charge for the initial student ID card that is issued. However, a $5 replacement fee will be charged on requests for additional cards, thereafter.

Lost and returned cards can be claimed at the Cashier's Office