Keep an eye on the calendar

There are many dates during the semester that require attention for Financial Aid recipients. These are just a few of the up-coming important items.

Also, check the Academic/Registration Calendar for additional dates and information.

Fall 2023 (F23/24)

Bookstore Purchases with Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to use for purchases in the bookstore 3 times during the semester. The first open window/time is for all students. The 2nd & 3rd windows/times are for students registering after the semester starts. (You can see your financial aid fund availability in the anticipated aid column under the Account Activity section of Student Finance in MyBackpack.)

For more information about using financial aid for bookstore purchases view, "Bookstore Purchases Using Financial Aid"

Timeframe Date(s)
15 Weeks / 1st half courses 08/19/2023-09/15/2023
Late start courses 09/25/2023-10/13/2023
2nd half courses 10/20/2023-11/06/2023

Date of Record:

You must notify Financial Aid of any classes registered on or after this date in order to see if you're eligible to have your funds to pay out.
Timeframe Date(s)
15 Weeks 09/16/2023
1st half 09/16/2023
Late start 10/13/2023
2nd half 11/07/2023

Financial Aid Change and New Loan Request via MyBackpack Deadline Date