Congratulations to The Foundation for MCC Board Member Teresa McClelland-Sargent , recently honored with AIG Advisor Group’s Community Leadership Award for her work with MCC’s Women in Education program. In addition, the AIG Advisor Group is making a $1,000 contribution to WIE in honor of Teresa’s great efforts.

In September 1999, several area women recognized the need for non-academic areas of support for women students at Mott Community College (MCC). Too often, education and professional development were being interrupted for women due to financial difficulties related to their status as single mothers, divorcees or returning students. Their hope was to provide these women with the means to continue their academic and professional pursuits with a fund especially designed for non-academic areas of support.

The ensuing years and the vision of 20 dynamic women who comprised the Women In Education (WIE) Advisory Committee have provided the various components of WIE, which continues to grow stronger each year. WIE truly represents the concept of people helping people at MCC to complete their education through non-traditional financial support, personal and professional guidance and mentoring.

Non-Traditional Funding…

WIE funding is available for eligible students with non-traditional needs such as medical or dental emergency, inoperable car, lack of professional clothing, etc., that create a barrier to the student attending classes. Students must meet eligibility criteria and make application for assistance through the Counseling Office at 762-0111.


Personal and professional mentoring is a large part of this initiative. Volunteer mentors are trained to assist the student in identifying needs, understanding the resources available, as well as offering support and guidance during their educational process at MCC. For more information on this component, please call the Foundation at (810) 762-0425.


A free annual enrichment series is held for WIE recipients and the MCC student body. Designed on the recommendations of Fellowship recipients, the series addresses significant career topics, such as: Preparing Yourself for the Workforce; Marketing Yourself Using the Seven P’s; Planning for Financial Growth; Dressing for Success Affordably, to name a few. For more information on this component, please call the Foundation at (810) 762-0425 or review the Calendar of Events at www.foundation.mcc.edu.

Ellen’s Closet

Ellen’s Closet was established to help provide gently-used professional clothing for students. Clothing donations are received, by MCC’s Family Life Center (810) 232-4962, and made available to all students. This component was initiated through WIE and named in honor of Dr. Ellen Howe, who was one of several spearheading the WIE Initiative.


American Council on Education's State Network Leadership Award 2020

The Women in Education Program received the American Council on Education's State Network Leadership Award 2020 for the Advancement of Women in Higher Education, in recognition of its outstanding and innovative program, sponsored by Mott Community College.

Mott Community College received national recognition with the AAWCC National Board Award 2015 for the Women In Education program as it demonstrates commitment to equity and excellence for women on campus. (Pictured: Lennetta Coney, President of The Foundation for MCC; Dr. Beverly Walker -Griffea, MCC President; and Kacey Seay, WIE Coordinator)

Pictured: Lennetta Coney, President of The Foundation for MCC; Dr. Beverly Walker -Griffea, MCC President; and Kacey Seay, WIE Coordinator


The WIE Fellowship is based on a national program of the Jeannette Rankin Foundation to develop leaders for success in the 21st century through mentoring, networking, nurturing intellectual growth, and inspiring personal transformation. It provides up to $2,000 for female students who meet strict Fellowship criteria and funds are used to cover any emergency non-academic costs that occur during the course of the Fellows’ MCC education or are given directly to the students upon graduation as an investment in their career. For more information on Fellowships, please call the Foundation at (810) 762-0425.

The Fellowship holds high expectations for the students including attending at least two major WIE fundraising initiatives; participate in special events; attend advisory meetings; participate in workshops; and serve as Ambassadors for the Fellowship. At the conclusion of the program, participants also are expected to apply acquired and observed skills to a current issue facing women at MCC or the community at large. Finally, Fellows are expected to continue to assist WIE by helping mentor younger Fellows.

To date, Fellows include: Tracy Hogan (Business Management), Teashan Buchanon (Social Work Technician), Thomasinia Terrell (Social Work Technician), Towanna Davis (Culinary Arts), and Kimberly Norton (Occupational Therapy Assistant), Latisha Berry, Angela Langley, Heidi Tolert, Melody Gaddy, Erica Davis, Shawn Elswick (Social Work Tech), Elena Woodward (Social Work Tech), Katina Caldwell (Business), Anita Clarke (Culinary Arts/Food Management), Kimberly Pentecost (Nursing), Connie Bowren (Culinary Arts/Food Management), Nancy M. (Science), Shantell Bennett (Science/Media Arts), Danielle Nettleton (Media Arts), Elena Woodward (Social Science), Wafa Alwageeh (Science), Ebony Campbell (Criminal Justice), Amy Frantz (Criminal Justice), Tierra Majeed (Social Science), Amanda Mikula (Social Science), Bertha Moore (Respiratory Therapy), Gabriel Penzer (Pre-Dental Hygiene), Gena Pettis (Criminal Justice), Alyssia Washington (Science), Buffy Wier (Business Management), Angela Bonham (Social Science), Darcele Robinson (Social Work/technician/Substance Abuse), Courtney Edwards (Occupational Therapy Assistant), Olivia Harper (Computer Occupations Technology), Ashley Chapman-Mastin (Health Care Administration), Nia Miller-Skinner (Political Science), Naujadene Tiner (Science-Autopsy Assistant), Arianna Pittenger (Science-Doctor), Melissa Peterson (pre nursing), May O’Neal (Social Work), Faylena Morris (Social Work), Krystal Miller (Nursing), Marjorie Saulnier (Nursing), Tamara Chambers (Business Management), Danielle Contreras (Social Work), Marissa Klein (CAD and Design), Casey Hawkins (Physical Therapist Assistant), Loretta Walker (Nursing), Jazlynne Cathey (Science), Darshawna Davis (Media Arts), Louella Jamerson (General Studies/Entrepreneurship), Odessa Mahone (Media Arts Entertainment), Loracha Jones-Neely (Assoc. in Arts/General Studies), Precious Williams (Dental Hygiene), Tiffany Rouser (Communication major), Gabrielle Jeffreys-Quintanilla (Dental Hygiene). Congratulations, ladies!