Preference Points Lists

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These lists include points earned during Summer II 2023 and Fall 2023 semesters. These lists will be used for class selections for the Summer and Fall 2024 semesters.

Original Publication Date: 1/29/2024
Final Publication Date: 03/20/2024

Process for Publishing Preference Points Lists:

  1. Preference Points Lists will be posted to the HR website and employees will have 30 calendar days from the "Original Publication Date" to communicate any discrepancies to [email protected]. If the points are not challenged within 30 days, the employee forfeits the right to further challenge the calculation.
  2. Following the 30-calendar-day period, HR will update the Preference Points Lists (if applicable) and repost the final lists, including the "Final Publication Date". Discrepancies cannot be challenged after this date.

For detailed information regarding Preference Points, login required  please refer to Article XI.C of the Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement.