For Part-Time/Adjunct Faculty, Temporary Workers and Student Employees

In order to comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA), the College has implemented a work hour limitations for part-time/adjunct faculty, temporary workers and student employees effective January 1, 2015.

The ACA stipulates that anyone working an average of 30 hours or more per week must be offered medical benefits. In preparation for the implementation of the ACA, the College has put the following hour limitations in place:

Under the terms of the faculty CBA, effective January 1, 2015, part-time/adjunct faculty are limited to 27 hours per week.

All assignments, including work for multiple departments, count toward the total hours per week. A part-time/adjunct faculty cannot, for example, work 15 hours a week for one department and 15 hours for another. The total hours per week cannot exceed 27.

Work included in the 27 hour limitation for part-time/adjunct faculty hours can be comprised of four (4) different categories of work:

  1. Semester Contract Assignments: Teaching hours calculated at a 1 to 2.25 hour ratio.
  2. Work Paid by the Hour: Subbing, advising, non-credit instructional and non-instructional hours calculated at a 1 to 1 hour ratio.
  3. Assignments Paid by Stipend: Including but not limited to proctoring, pro-rated pay (PRP) for low enrollment class, orientation and other non-instructional hours calculated by a variety of ratios.
  4. Temporary Staff Work: Work done for other departments with hours calculated at a 1 to 1 hour ratio. Subject to Temporary Worker 19 hour limitation.
  5. Example: The difference between the 19 hours limitation as a temporary worker and the 27 hours limitation as a part-time/adjunct faculty is 8 hours, so the part-time/adjunct faculty could teach no more than 3.50 contact hours to stay under the 27 hour limit:

    19 (temp staff work) + 7.875 (3.50 contact hours x 2.25) = 26.875 Total Weekly Hours

In an effort to assist Deans (or his/her designee) scheduling part-time/adjunct faculty within their 27 hour per week limit, ITS has created a proactive ACA hours calculation application for Deans to use when assigning categories 2 through 4 above. (Log into the MCC4me portal and choose the “Part Time Planner” application.) Question regarding the Part-Time Planner application should be directed to the Help Desk at or calling extension 24357

As communicated in an email dated November 18, 2014, the different categories of temporary workers will be limited to the following hours and/or duration of employment effective January 1, 2015:

  1. SPR Temporary Workers – These workers are temporarily filling a position on the Staff Planning Report (SPR), which is the document that reflects the number of Board authorized positions for the College. Typically, these kinds of workers are filling in for an ill or injured employee or are covering the position while it is vacant due to employee turnover and we are moving forward to fill the vacancy.

    Limitations:Under the terms of our CBAs, SPR Temporary Workers may work up to full-time hours but the length of their employment is limited (ProTech, S&M and Admin - 1 year; M&O - 9 months; PSO - 520 hours).

  2. Non-SPR Part-Time Workers –These are supplemental workers such as employees who help out in student services during peak registration times. There is no SPR position for this kind of work.

    Limitations: Under the terms of our CBAs, Non-SPR Part-Time Workers are limited to 19 hours per week but there is no limit on the length of their employment.

  3. Grant-Funded and Exempt Workers – Are not subject to CBA limitations.

Additionally, all temporary workers will be employed by the College’s exclusive temporary employment staffing agency with the following exceptions.
login required  Temp Agency Exceptions

Temporary Employees

The College is supportive of its students and will continue to offer them the opportunity to engage in work at the College. However, as a result of the ACA, student workers will be limited to 19 hours per week, effective January 1, 2015.

Employee Responsibility:

Responsibility for strict adherence to these limits is shared among employees and supervisors. Employees must inform supervisors of all MCC work assignments and are expected to self-monitor the total hours they work each week. Supervisors are also expected to monitor and adjust employee schedules to adhere to the work hour limitations noted above.


These work hour limitations will keep MCC in compliance with the ACA and CBAs. Violation of the work hour limitations puts individual departments and the College at risk for significant fines. Failure to adhere to these limits will result in possible disciplinary action.

Supervisors and employees can access a Frequently Asked Questions document for more information.
Work Hours Limitations FAQs