How Can I hire a 1099 - Independent Contractor?

Many Mott Community College (MCC) departments regularly employ the services of individual(s) to perform varying services. These arrangements often raise questions on the status of the individual, such as “Should they be classified as an employee or an independent contractor?" Classification is based on IRS guidelines using their Twenty-Rule Common Law Test, not on administrative convenience or relative cost, and is determined by Human Resources.

These login required  procedures provide guidance and information to hiring managers to:

  • Ensure compliance with Board Policy 5005 Independent Contractors;
  • Provide information about the distinction between employees and independent contractors;
  • Provide a questionnaire to aid in classification determination; and
  • Provide contract for independent contractor services

The following four (4) documents must be sent to Human Resources for final determination on whether a worker should be classified as a contractor:

  1. login required  Independent Contractor Status Form
  2. login required  Employee/Independent Contractor Questionnaire
  3. login required  Independent Contractor Template
  4. W-9