Interviewing Student Employees

Take time to interview each applicant thoroughly to ensure the best candidate is hired. MCC acts in compliance with Federal and State regulations regarding non-discrimination based on race, sex, religion, color, age, national origin or ancestry, handicap, marital status, political affiliation, belief, height or weight. All employers must conform to these guidelines.

When hiring, keep in mind the job description and look for the minimum skills and work habits needed for the job as well as what training will be provided. Fully explain the job to the applicants. Employers are strongly encouraged to ask for and check references, especially if the applicant has already worked on campus. A review of the applicant's academic record can also provide pertinent information. An employer must include the requested grade(s) in the Job Request Form if they are requiring applicants to possess that minimum grade(s) for a specific area of expertise (for example, a grade of 3.0 in English 101 may be requested for the Writing Center). Questions that are not directly work related must not to be asked. Information about legal pre-employment inquires can be obtained from the Student Employment Center (SEC).

Once an applicant has been selected and accepts the position, please contact the SEC as soon as possible so no further applicants will be referred to that position. Students are often disappointed and discouraged with the program when referred to a position that has already been filled. Additionally, it is the employer's responsibility to notify those applicants that were not hired as soon as possible. These applicants can be directed to the SEC for additional information and referrals to other employment opportunities.

Please include a reason for not hiring the applicant on the Student Employment Referral Form and return this form as soon as possible to the Student Employment Center. These comments are shared with the student providing rational for unsuccessful candidates. For example; excellent interview skills, however, schedule conflicts with department needs or poor interviewing skills, unable to provide information requested to bring to interview, unprepared.

For additional information and assistance with interviewing, contact the SEC.