General College Guidelines & Information

Change of Name, Address or Tax Forms

Any student employee's name or address change should be reported to the Student Employment Center in addition to notifying the Records Office. Verification of the change is required.
Student employees who want to change their withholding tax status should contact the Accounting Department to complete a new W-4 Form.

College Catalog

The College Catalog contains the answers to many frequently asked questions. There is the "Getting Started" section that explains procedures for admitting, enrolling, registering and paying for classes. Additionally, student services are explained in detail. There are curricular guides for each program of study offered by the College as well as transfer information. The catalog also contains a listing and description of every course. The Student Handbook of Policies and Procedures which contains the Student Code of Conduct contain important rights and responsibilities. Please become familiar with this information.

Paperless Schedule

Mott Community College has GONE GREEN and has a completely PAPERLESS SCHEDULE. You are able to search for classes, plan your schedule and register through MY BACKPACK.

Computer Usage

Student employees are not to access the computer information systems unless authorized. Use of computer networks for sending or receiving illegal, pornographic, or threatening information is grounds for termination of employment and dismissal from college.

Copier Use

Student employees should learn the operation of the copier. Make sure copies are neat and legible. Collate and staple in the order requested. Vending copy machines are located throughout the campus for customer and personal use at 10 cents per copy. Unauthorized or misuse of the copier is grounds for disciplinary action.

Deliveries and Errands

Many employers rely on student employees to make deliveries and complete errands. If unsure of a campus location use the map in the College Catalog, online Campus Maps, or ask for directions. Student employees are expected to complete deliveries or errands in a timely manner. Personal errands should not be done during work hours.

Lost and Found

Give any article brought into the office to the supervisor. Notify Public Safety if a purse, wallet, keys or something of value is found and they will pick it up.


Campus maps are located in the College Catalog and the College Tabloid. It gives the location of the buildings and parking areas.

The campus map are located online at:

Mail Distribution

Student employees should check with their supervisor for specific instructions. Generally, mail is to be sorted by name and placed appropriately into mail boxes. Ask about anything that is questionable. Do not open any mail unless specifically instructed to do so, especially if it is marked confidential. Mail delivered incorrectly should be put in the outgoing mail.

College Telephone Directory

The directory contains faculty, staff and office locations along with phone numbers that may be given to customers. Under no circumstances should personal information about faculty, staff or students, including home addresses or telephone number, be released to anyone, at any time! Do not give information about a student's schedule or location. If there is any question, please refer the inquiries to a staff member. Please become familiar with the directory. It will be used frequently.

Weather Emergencies