International Students

Students in the country on a Student Visa (F-1) are eligible to apply for Student Assistant positions as long as the student does not displace a U.S. resident. Eligibility is defined by the Department of Homeland Security and reviewed by the Designated School Official. Authorization from the Department of Homeland Security is not required; however, before the student begins work he/she must obtain approval from the Designated School Official documenting their status. In order to be eligible to work on campus, international students must be enrolled in 12 credit hours and typically must attend one semester before they are able to work. Typical Student Assistant opportunities include Biology Lab Aide, Physical Science Lab Aide and Student Safety Officer. Duties in these positions may include assisting faculty, staff and students in various settings, and as well as prepping labs and materials for academic use. There are also occasions when there are office/support Student Assistant opportunities available, although not on a regular basis.

Once offered a position, the international student will be required to apply for a social security card. The hiring supervisor will fill out a letter of employment, which will be signed by the supervisor and the Designated School Official. This letter will be taken to the Social Security Administration office, where the student will be given a receipt. The student must bring the receipt to the Student Employment Center and return to the Student Employment Center with the social security card once it is received.

International students will need to provide the following documents in order to complete Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification once they have been offered a position and before they begin working:

  • The student’s valid foreign passport
  • A valid Form I-94 or I-94A, Arrival/Departure Report indicating F-1 nonimmigrant status

For further information contact the International Student Advisor in the Admissions Office, Prahl College Center PCC2140, (810) 762-0358.