Courses with Honors Designation

Fall 2020

Course Number
Course Name
Instructor Day
Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Vanessa Ferguson N/A
3 CR
ENGL-102-WWW08 **
English Composition II
Kim Owens N/A
3 CR
SOCY 191-WWW10 *
Introduction to Sociology
Krista Black N/A
3 CR
ART. 110-WWW05 *
Art Appreciation
Kim Giacchina N/A
3 CR
HONS-250-HON01 ***
Social Diversity and Civic Engagement*
Dr. Brian Ivory T R
10:30 AM – 11:50 AM
3 CR
ENGL 101-WWW22 **
English Composition I
Robert Pieschke N/A
3 CR
GEOL-151-WCA04 ****
Physical Geology
Sheila Swyrtek T R
wca 12:30 PM - 2:50 PM
4 CR

^ 1st 8 weeks
* HONS-250 is the Honors Colloquium, which includes 30-45 hours of community service.
** HONS 251 is an optional co-requisite for HONS 250. Enrollment limited to 10 students with approval of the course instructor. All students who enroll in this 1 credit lab will complete most of their service hours on an Alternative Spring Break trip in Philadelphia, PA, March 10th to 18th. Two additional Fridays of service will also be required for HONS 251 students.
*** Reserved for Trustee Scholars and students newly-accepted into the Mott Honors College