Maintaining a Sexual Harassment Free Environment for the College Community

Mott Community College is committed to maintaining an environment for employees and students free of unwanted objectionable and disrespectful conduct, and communication of a sexual nature, especially when such conduct is imposed by one on another and adversely affects a staff member’s employment and a student’s learning experience.

Sexual harassment is a barrier to an environment which is conducive to academic achievement and productive employment. Employees and students have the right to raise the issue of harassment, and are protected by this policy and attendant college codes and procedures for enforcement.

Sexual harassment is a grievous action having serious and far-reaching effects on the careers and lives of individuals. False accusations can have similar impact; thus, the charge of sexual harassment is a serious and emotional one and is not to be taken lightly by a charging party, a respondent, or any other member of the college community.

This policy shall apply to all persons in the college community. For the purposes of this policy statement, the term college community shall be defined as Mott Community College students, faculty, administrators and all other employees. This sexual harassment policy will be part of the Board of Trustees’ governing policy for Mott Community College and will be published in the policy and procedure manual.

This section on sexual harassment will also be published in the student, faculty and staff handbooks. For further information on the sexual harassment policy at MCC, contact the Human Resources Office, Mott Community College, 1401 E. Court St., Flint, MI 48503-2089, or call (810) 762-0275.

Also see Title IX - Addressing Sexual Harassment/Sexual Violence