Complaints Against Faculty

The faculty at MCC are here to assist students in achieving their educational goals. However there are times when students may have concerns and complaints regarding their educational experience at MCC. The first step in pursuing all concerns should be an informal discussion with the faculty member. If the student concerns cannot be resolved through informal discussions, there are formal procedures to be followed by the student and college in responding to student complaints. The procedures for student complaints against faculty are a part of the Faculty Master contract.

If a student thinks that he/she has an academic concern and wishes to formally pursue resolution of that concern, the Academic Complaint Process shall be initiated within 45 calendar days of the cause of concern. The following outlines the complaint process;

  • Student contacts faculty member regarding concern in an attempt to resolve the matter.
  • If the concern remains unresolved, the student should contact and meet with the appropriate Dean before completing the Student Academic Complaint Form.
  • The Dean will attempt to resolve the concern informally with the student and faculty member.
  • If the concern remains unresolved after meeting with the Dean, and the student wishes to pursue the matter, the Student Academic Complaint form is to be completed within 10 business days and forwarded to the appropriate Dean.
  • Either party may appeal the written decision of the Dean by asking within 5 business days that the complaint be forwarded to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

The entire formal procedure for student complaints against faculty and Student Academic Complaint Forms are available in division offices.

Complaints Against Staff

Students who wish to begin a formal complaint process about an MCC staff member should first meet with the staff person’s immediate supervisor. The supervisor will inform the staff member of the complaint and attempt to resolve it.

If the complaint is not resolved, the student should submit a written complaint to the supervisor. The written complaint must include the name of the staff member against whom the complaint is being filed and must be signed and dated by the student.