Student Indebtedness

Students are expected to honor any debts to the college. Failure to pay will bar a student from use of college services, the library, and issuance of transcripts.

Students who owe tuition or have other debts due the college will not be allowed to register until the debts have been paid.

The college reserves the right to withhold transcripts until debts are paid in full.

Collection processes will be initiated for failure to pay.

Financial Fresh Start Program

Mott Community College’s Financial Fresh Start Program has been created to help students, who have outstanding account balances that prevent registration for future semesters, to re-enroll in MCC and continue their educational goals. This applies to any MCC student who has an outstanding balance on their student account resulting from enrollment in a semester within the last 7 years (to exclude the current semester). Students must meet the eligibility requirement of having an outstanding account balance with the college and must maintain eligibility for the duration of this program.