Federal Work-Study Program - Summer Session Employment

The academic year starts with the Fall Semester of the current year and runs through Winter Semester and Summer Semester of the next year. All financial aid paperwork has to be completed every academic year. Students receiving a Summer Session Pell Grant may have a reduced Winter Semester Pell Grant, see Student Financial Services for further information. Students employed under this program can work up to twenty five hours per week with a maximum of eight hours per day, depending upon the needs of the employer and their financial award. To be eligible for work study during this session, students must:

  • Have completed everything under the Work Study Employment Process listed previously.
  • Have a completed Summer Application for Campus-Based Aid on file in Student Financial Services.
  • Obtain and accept a work study award from Student Financial Services.
  • Register and attend a minimum of six credit hours for the Summer Session.

Obtain a Student Employment Referral Form from the Student Employment Center (SEC), have it signed by the employer, prior to beginning work for this session, and return it to the SEC to ensure proper payment for hours worked.