Keeping-the-Job Tips

As you have discovered in earlier parts of this guide, getting a job is hard work. Once you have a job, you probably would like to stay in it for a while. How, then, do you keep a job? Employers generally agree that the BIG FOUR qualities listed below are the most important reasons people keep their jobs. Before looking at those, list all the reasons you can think of that people get fired.

Some of the things you listed probably are related to personal behavior and ethics, such as stealing, or coming to work drunk. These behaviors, of course, will lead to ending employment with any organization. Others probably are related to the BIG FOUR. If you do these and avoid offensive personal behavior, you will probably KEEP YOUR JOB!


ONE - Reliability:

Employers want people they can depend on. Good attendance is a must. A good attendance record will also help you get your next job.

TWO - Punctuality:

Be on time for work at the beginning of the day and after breaks and lunch. When you are late, others may have to do your work, or may not be able to do their own.

THREE - Quality:

Do the job right the first time. Quality is an important part of every organization's goals. Poor work leads to poor evaluations.

FOUR - Quantity:

All workers must pull their own weight. Doing enough is as important as doing it right.

Overall, keep a positive attitude. Show interest in the job and the organization. Act cheerful even when you are not feeling upbeat.