Personal Appearance Checklist

Before My Interview I Need To:

  • get a haircut
  • shine my shoes
  • buy a new _____________________________________________________
  • check my makeup
  • clean/press my clothes
  • trim or remove beard/mustache
  • buy a new or extra pair of stockings
  • groom hands and nails
  • shower and use a more-than-usual amount of deodorant
  • use a minimum of perfume/after shave or not use any at all
  • brush my teeth

I Will Wear My

  • suit/dress - Describe: ___________________________________________
  • skirt/blouse
  • tie/neck scarf
  • socks/stockings
  • shoes
  • jacket/coat
  • jewelry (be conservative)
  • purse/briefcase

I Will Bring:

  • a small note pad
  • a pen that works
  • an extra copy of my resume
  • a list of my references