Starting Your New Job

The first few days on the job have been called a HONEYMOON. This is because the employer is pleased to have you working, and does not yet expect you to know everything. In other words, they look for the things you do RIGHT. During this time you can expect that your supervisor will do the following: (If they are not done, you should request information or instructions. The supervisor may assume you already know these things).

  • Explain scheduled working hours, use of time sheets or other means of reporting time
  • Explain lunch hours and allotted break or rest periods
  • Explain smoking policy, where and when
  • Discuss shift differential and overtime pay (if applicable)
  • Tell you when and how you will be paid
  • Discuss policy on absences including procedure for notification of illness, accident, etc.
  • Discuss policy on lateness
  • Point out facilities such as restrooms, cafeteria, etc.
  • Explain security procedures and regulations
  • Explain parking regulations
  • Introduce you to your supervisor's boss and to your co-workers
  • Explain organization's structure (who supervises whom) and your place in it
  • Show you your work area
  • Explain in detail your specific job duties and responsibilities and how they fit the overall operation
  • Tell you what to do and who to ask if you have questions

During the HONEYMOON, it is important for you to learn as much as you can about the job. Don't be afraid to ask questions. You are NOT expected to know everything at the beginning, but employers DO expect you to ask rather than guess and make mistakes. They may want you to save your questions for a certain time of day or until you have a certain number. One of the biggest mistakes new employees make is not asking enough questions at the beginning of a job and asking too many later on.

Filling out the following at the end of your first day or first few days will help you remember to ask the right questions.

My Supervisor's full name is:

He/She wants to be called:

My Supervisor's boss' name is:

Some of my co-worker's names are:

The name and number I should call if I am going to be absent or late is:

My major job duties are:

Other duties I may be expected to perform are:

Some questions I want to ask when I have a chance are: