Student Employment Programs

There are two student employment programs available to students at Mott Community College (MCC). The first program is Federal-Work Study (FWS).The Federal Work-Study Program is based on demonstrated financial need and is awarded as part of a student's financial aid package. Students employed in the Work Study program must monitor their earnings against their eligibility for each semester.

The second program is Student Assistant. The Student Assistant Program is not based on need and is available to students that may not qualify for work study. All Students are encouraged to apply for College Work-Study through the MCC Office of Financial Aid before considering participating in the Student Assistant Program.

Employment for either of these programs is not guaranteed. Eligibility is based on enrollment in college, attending a Student Employee Orientation, availability of jobs, meeting the minimum qualifications for the position and requires an interview by an employer. Students may be employed in more than one position during the same semester provided that the weekly College maximum hours are not exceeded.