Student Assistant Program - Student Assistant Employment Process

Students who are ineligible to receive a work study award and are qualified to participate in the Student Assistant Program, must complete the process below:

  1. Attend a Student Employee Orientation. Contact the Student Employment Center (SEC), located in the lower level of the Prahl College Center, Room B210A, for the time and place.
  2. Complete the required paperwork (see Appendix A) and return the employment file to the SEC.
  3. Register and attend the required number of credits for the semester working (see the "Who is Eligible?" section under Student Assistant for credit requirements).
  4. Review the Student Assistant job postings located in the Student Employment Center.
  5. All students must provide a resume to be attached to each referral and one for their student employee file. The Student Employment Center can provide resume samples and assistance. Students will be required to update their resumes yearly.
  6. Pick-up a Student Employment Referral Form (see Appendix A) from the SEC.
  7. Contact the prospective employer to schedule an interview. Employer information will be on the Student Employment Referral Form.
  8. Meet with the employer. Be prepared to answer questions. It is a good idea for students to bring a copy of their current class schedule, and hours available for work.
  9. The student will be notified by the Department if he/she has been hired. The Referral Form must be signed by the hiring department and returned to the SEC. Each semester a student employee's work schedule will be determined by the employer's needs as well as the student's availability. Employment is not guaranteed. Students are not permitted to work during the hours they are scheduled to be attending class unless the class has been canceled, if so student must obtain supervisory approval. Students are expected to plan their studies, projects and extra-curricular activities around both their class and work schedules.
  10. The student must return to the SEC Office to complete the I-9 and W-4 forms before beginning work. Upon completion of these documents the student can be placed on the payroll.
    Documents needed to complete the I-9 process

    Option #1: Bring one document from A and one document from B:
    1. One of the following pieces of identification is needed to establish identity:
      • State driver’s license or
      • Michigan I.D. card.
    2. One of the following pieces of identification is needed to establish employment eligibility:
      • Actual Social Security Card
      • Certified copy of a birth certificate

    Option #2: A U.S. Passport establishes both identity and eligibility and is all that is needed to complete the I-9 process. Additional acceptable documents are listed on the back of the I-9 form

  11. Keep a log of time worked. Students may be instructed to daily complete the Student Employee Bi-Weekly Time Sheet or a time clock. Paychecks are available bi-weekly, on Thursday, at the work site.

    If not hired, students may return to the SEC for additional information and referrals to other opportunities.