Student Assistant Program - Terms of Employment For Student Assistants

Students can work up to nineteen hours per week with a maximum of eight hours per day, depending upon the needs of the employer. Students working eight hours in a day are entitled to an unpaid 30 minute lunch period and two paid 15 minute breaks. All students working four consecutive hours are entitled to a paid 15 minute break to be taken at the supervisor's discretion. Eating at the reception area should be avoided.

Students are hired by employers on a semester-by-semester basis. Continued employment is based upon a mutual agreement between the student and the employer along with enrollment in at least the minimum number of credits required for that semester (see "Who is Eligible?" section for credit requirements). It is beneficial for both parties to discuss their work relationship and plan for the upcoming semester.

Student Employment Job Request Forms are used by the employer to request student employees. It is the employer's responsibility to initiate the request approximately one month before the commencement of the next semester to help ensure a smooth transition between semesters and an adequate pool of applicants.

Student Employment Referral Forms (see Appendix A) are obtained by the student. It is the student's responsibility to obtain a referral for each semester they work.