Interested in Becoming a Member of the Armed Forces?

Over 130 Careers in the Air Force - Explore:
Our mission? Fly, fight and win. How do we do it? By combining the best and the brightest with superior training and cutting-edge technology. Find out if there's a place for you in the United States Air Force.
Air Force Academy:
Top notch preparation of our future leaders in the United States Air Force begins at the Air Force Academy. The United States Air Force Academy offers a four-year program of instruction and experience designed to provide cadets the knowledge and character essential for leadership, and the motivation to serve as Air Force career officers. Each cadet graduates with a Bachelor of Science degree and a commission as a second lieutenant in the Air Force.
Air Force ROTC:
Air Force ROTC is a college program offered at more than 1000 campuses across the country that prepares young men and women to become leaders in the Air Force. It is an opportunity to develop leadership skills and it is an opportunity to pay for school through scholarships with a guaranteed career after graduation!
The Reserve Officer Training Course enhances leadership skills, provides tuition assistance, and awards the rank of officer in the Army, Air Force, or Navy upon graduation.
West Point:
Renowned as the world's premier leader development institution, West Point accomplishes its mission by developing cadets intellectually, physically, militarily, ethically, spiritually, and socially.
Locate a Recruiter:
The first step in becoming a Soldier in the U.S. Army is being armed with knowledge. Our recruiters are ready with the know-how to answer questions you have about the U.S. Army. And they're right around your neighborhood.
Coast Guard
A military, multi-mission, maritime force offering a unique blend of military, law enforcement, humanitarian, regulatory, and diplomatic capabilities.
Coast Guard Academy
Emphasis on leadership, physical fitness and professional development.
An Investment in each Marine:
Education and knowledge are not just highly valued in the workplace, they also help strengthen our nation's communities and economy. That's why the Marine Corps makes sure that every Marine has the ability to pursue their educational objectives. During Service: As a Marine, up to 100 percent of your education expenses may be paid by the federal government through programs like Tuition Assistance, the Post 9-11 GI Bill and the Marine Corps College Fund