One-Stop Center for Veterans, Military Spouses, Dependents and Military Affiliates

Mott Community College Veterans Resource Center

The Veteran Resource Center (VRC) (PCC1240A) is conveniently located inside Student Life (PCC1240) on the main floor of the Prahl College Center. The VRC is designed to serve as a one-stop shop for Veterans, military spouses, dependents and military affiliates to provide a wide range of Veteran benefits and opportunities.

Veterans can begin their educational journey by applying for admission to the college, gaining assistance with their FAFSA, applying for their VA educational benefits, and more; all with the assistance from a trained and knowledgeable VRC staff member. Additionally, the VRC has also been designed to serve as a social gathering spot. Veterans, current military, spouses and dependents visit the VRC to watch movies, study, and converse with others.

Not only are we committed to assisting Veterans with the educational enrollment process and their educational benefits, we also provide assistance with additional benefits which include, but are not limited to:

  • Career and job search assistance.
  • Assistance navigating and applying for Veteran benefits through the use of
  • Health and wellness opportunities.
  • University transfer.
  • Financial workshops.

We are grateful for our veterans' perpetual devotion and service to our country! It is the goal of the Mott Community College Veteran Resource Center to assist our Veterans with the services they have earned and deserve. In addition to our retirees and discharged veterans, we also assist those currently serving, spouses, and dependents of military members. We recognize that the transition to civilian life can sometimes be difficult and that being a spouse or dependent of a Veteran can also have its challenges, so it is the goal of the VRC to provide our time, knowledge and service to assist in this process.