Get to Know Us!

New Student Orientation provides an opportunity for students to get acquainted with Mott Community College. Orientation must be completed after the placement assessment, but before registering for classes. Orientation provides our students with valuable information including, but not limited to, Financial Aid, Student Success Services, MyBackpack, Degree Pathways, Career Exploration, Academic Advising and Success Strategies. It also provides our students with an opportunity to learn about campus resources and ask any questions that they may have about their educational experience.

Who Must Attend Orientation?

Students who are seeking a degree or certificate must attend Orientation prior to enrolling for classes.* This also includes, but is not limited to, transfer students, re-admitting students, dual-enrolled students, early admittance students, Non-Candidate for Degree, and/or any other degree or certificate-seeking student. Students who admit to MCC as Guest students will be waived from Orientation, but are welcome to attend Orientation.

* - During times of high enrollment or individual circumstances, orientation may be deferred until the term begins.

How to schedule your orientation

Once your admissions application has been processed and you have completed your enrollment steps; (i.e.placement testing, the intake form, and the career coach questionnaire), to get scheduled for your planning session (orientation), contact the Office of Admissions in Prahl College Center PCC 2140 at (810) 235-5533.

Deferred Orientation

There are certain enrollment periods throughout the year or due to individual circumstances when orientation may be deferred. With a deferred orientation, you are provided information and resources in advance, to prepare you for your first advising session with an academic advisor. It is important that you review this information prior to your first advising session, so the academic advisor can answer any questions, provide additional guidance, and discuss individual success strategies, academic and non- academic resources and online tools available to you. You will be required to schedule and attend an orientation prior to the next enrollment period. If orientation is not completed, you will be ineligible to register prior and additional restrictions may apply.

Please make sure you have pen and paper to jot down any questions or notes that you want to cover with an academic advisor during your first advising session!

Learning "My Backpack"

"My Backpack" is an online tool for MCC students. My Backpack is used for several purposes which include course planning, communicating with your advisor, course registration, finance information and financial aid. In your "My Backpack", you can track progress towards fulfilling degree requirements, reviewing placement assessment scores and communicate with your advisor for planning courses. Features of "My Backpack" also includes being able to build a course schedule that is tailored to you, registering for courses, ensuring those courses meet your degree requirements and making payment or checking your financial aid status.

During your first advising session with an academic advisor, your advisor will use the "My Backpack" tools to load courses that meet your degree requirements and our Career and Enrollment Center staff will assist you in determining open sections that fit your schedule. To prepare for your advising session, we have included two "My Backpack" tutorials to introduce you to the features of this online tool.

General Overview

Planning and Registering

Your Academic Advising Syllabus

A course syllabus is included in every class and serves as a classroom guide for you to follow. To get you familiarized with a syllabus, while also preparing you for your first advising session, the Academic Advisement center has provided you with an Academic Advising Syllabus as a guide, so you know the expected advising outcome, the advisor's responsibility to you and your responsibility as a student. The Academic Advising Syllabus is an excellent resource for you to review prior to your first advising session.

Financial Aid and Other Ways to Pay

As you begin the enrollment process at MCC, it’s never too early to begin the steps to secure your method of payment or begin your Financial Aid application. There are several ways to pay for classes, so it’s best to start planning this now or completing the free Federal Application for Federal Student Aid.

How to Pay for Registration in MyBackpack