How the Library Helps with Learning at Mott

The library is an integral part of the teaching and learning experience at Mott.

A librarian is ready to help you achieve more

Students really appreciate having course materials available "on reserve".

  • Types of materials accepted:
    • Purchased copies of textbooks or other books
    • Sample tests
    • Required readings (individual articles or book chapters)
    • Purchased copies of Audio/Visual materials
    • Student research papers with student consent

Provide materials 2 weeks before the beginning of the semester, to ensure that they are available by the first day of class. This form is available online to download for your convenience.

For additional information or questions, contact or call (810) 762-5124.

Faculty are encouraged to schedule an orientation for their classes. This is an opportunity to introduce the librarians to students and will help to reduce students’ anxiety when they enter the library and see a familiar face. Our orientations can be broad and basic, or specific to a class or assignment. Orientations can be as short as 5 minutes of your class time, to an hour long or a full class period. Contact the Reference Desk at 762-0411 to schedule an orientation.

LibGuides are sets of web pages that provide library related research assistance, subject guides, and useful resources. These guides incorporate 2.0 web tools such as streaming video and RSS feeds. The librarians at the Mott Library are happy to create a LibGuide for broad subjects and for specific classes and assignments. Getting input and ideas from faculty members will help the librarians understand instructors' expectations for their research assignments. If you would like to have a LibGuide created for your classes contact the Mott Library Reference Desk at 762-0411.

MCC Faculty may reserve the computer labs in the library. Both labs have an instructor's computer with a Crestron projection unit and 28 student computers networked to a pay-to-print system.

  • 3rd floor computer lab (ML 3103) have your divisional office assistant contact the Curriculum Systems Coordinator at (810) 762-5641.
  • 1st floor computer lab (ML 1014) is primarily an open lab. If the 3rd floor lab has an existing reservation the 1st floor lab may be reserved by contacting the Humanities Division Office at (810) 762-0470.

The reading room is a comfortably furnished room with materials from three special collections: the CTL collection, the Supervisory & Managerial (S&M) professional development collection, and college teaching materials from the library's collection. The books may be checked out by faculty and staff at the Mott Library circulation desk on the first floor. If the door to the reading room is locked, ask at the CTL office or the Mott Library reference desk.

The Capitol Room is equipped with a Google Jamboard. Only MCC employees may reserve the Capitol Room (ML 2001) for meetings. Contact the library reference desk at (810) 762-0411 to schedule a reservation.

If you learn of a new publication that should be considered for our collection please let us know. Send us a copy of the review source, or just email as much information as you can, such as author and title, and we'll do the rest.