Using the Library Lab


The Library's computer lab closes 15 minutes before the building closes.

Scanning & Printing

  • The Computer Lab on the first floor has a multipurpose networked printer, copier, and scanner with fax capability. It can print black and white or color documents.
  • Document services are self-serve.
  • To send print jobs from library terminals, select the destination FollowMe-BW for black and white or FollowMe-CO for color printing.
  • Wireless printing is available for connected mobile devices via the Web Printing – Papercut Portal link in your MCC4Me Portal.
  • There is a black-and-white printer/scanner/fax unit on the library's second floor. It can retrieve only print jobs sent to the FollowMe-BW queue. It can NOT retrieve documents sent to FollowMe-CO.

Rules & Policies:

Use of the Mott Library's Open Computer Lab is a privilege, not a right. Patrons must be willing to comply with Mott Library's Computer Lab Rules and the Library's Code of Conduct or they will lose their computer lab privileges. Using the college computers signifies agreement to all MCC Acceptable Use Policies.

Other Computer Labs and Study Areas

MCC Computer Labs

There are three of the computer labs are open labs for MCC students to use on a drop-in basis (students must have current ID card). Lapeer Extension Center, Northern Tier Center, and Southern Lakes Branch Center have computers during normal business hours and a lab when not used for instructional purposes.

Writing Center

The Writing Center is sponsored by the Humanities Division and provides one-on-one assistance to students, faculty and MCC staff with any writing project, from understanding assignments and gathering information, to developing ideas and tightening documents.

Science & Math Study Center

The study center was established to offer support to MCC students taking science and mathematics courses on campus. The facility includes computers, separate study areas, and biology lab models and specimens.