Find a Quiet Place

There are a variety of study areas on the library's first and second floors. The second floor is a quiet study area , no talking allowed. Quiet conversation is permitted on the first floor.

Study Rooms

  1. Study rooms are to be used for studying only and not recreational activities. Prohibited behaviors include, but are not limited to: socializing, watching movies, and playing games.
  2. Individual use of study rooms is only for virtual classes or meetings that require a private, quiet space.
  3. Only currently enrolled and in good standing Mott Community College students, MCC faculty or staff, or University Center students may use the group study rooms except in specific cases as outlined below.
    1. Mott Middle College instructors may make arrangements for their classes to use the study rooms for specific projects.

Checking Out / In

  1. Rooms can only be checked out for four hours. No renewals.
  2. Rooms 2010 and 2006 are checked out first come, first served. No reservation or waiting lists.
  3. Room 2008 and 2012 may be reserved for individual use by contacting the Circulation Desk.
  4. Dry erase markers may be checked out from the Circulation Desk. Room users are expected to erase the boards at the end of their time and return the markers to the Circulation Desk.
  5. A $5.00 fine will be charged if the room key is returned late.

Using the Room

  1. Once the study room is checked out, it must be occupied at all times. Do not leave belongings unattended in the room.
  2. Study rooms are NOT sound proof. Doors must be closed when in use and voices must be kept at a low level. The 2nd floor of the Library is designated for qu iet study.
  3. Study rooms ! are to be locked at all times and the doors should not be propped open with chairs, garbage cans, or other items.

Users must follow the library code of conduct. Violations of the rules may result in a request to leave the room or building and a ban on future use of the study rooms.

Presentation Practice Rooms

The Presentation Practice Room may be used by current MCC students, employees and University Center students to create and practice a presentation. Recording, saving, and viewing the presentation are available options. Check out the room key at the circulation desk on the first floor.

  • The room may be used by 1-8 people. It is not a group study room; users must need to use the equipment.
  • The room may be reserved in advance for one hour, and may be renewed for an additional one hour if no one else has reserved the room.
  • To reserve the presentation practice room, visit or call the circulation desk at 762-0403.