Schedule a Room for your Event

The system allows you to view the schedule in every room at the college for any recorded point in time. You can choose to view by building, by room, by Event Type, by Event Name, By Client Name or Client Type. You can also select to view by a daily, weekly, monthly list or a calendar style.

How To Use EMS Virtual (Web Page):

  1. Using any browser launch the EMS System.
    NOTE: This tool is only available from within Mott Community College when you are logged into the college network (intranet). eg. Logged into a VDI desktop session or a physical office computer.
  2. On the left side of the window, hover the mouse pointer over the word Browse. You should see a drop-down called Browse Events (if not, click on the word Browse) and then select Browse Events.
  3. You will see the current monthly calendar display.
  4. Under Welcome Guest (right side of window), click on Filter. This feature will give you the ability to browse for a specific room, building or event.
  5. When calling an office to reserve a conference room, please use this tool first to see if the room is available for the time you are requesting.