Development and Maintenance

The Web Services/ WDT(Web Development Team) assists our departments/divisions with the site design, development and maintenance of content on this website (

Through set up of page review/expiration cycles and timely email "Webpage Review Reminders", we help stakeholders ensure that the extensive informational areas of the website content stays relevant and up to date. It is important that each department/division identify "their website reviewers", so they can be assigned a role within this system for maximized efficiency.

Please review the information on our Accessibility at MCC site, for helpful guides for creating accessible ADA compliant documents for the web such as PDFs.

Minor updates or corrections can be requested via the "Page Change Request" button in the footer from the page that requires the change.

For extensive or design changes to your existing website/presence or for new development on, please complete the ITS Enterprise Project Request form. This will help our team with the planning, scheduling and implementation of your project.

Web Services (WDT) also works closely with departments / divisions with the implementation of 3rd party web applications utilized by our campus community through projects which assist with customizing design and presentation while maintaining consistency of the College's brand.

The MCC WDT will assist you with the development of third party applications by providing logos, styling, and linking information and can assist their technologist(s).