Connecting to a MCC Desktop with VDI (Virtual Desktop Interface)

In a web browser (Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Sarafi), navigate to

Select "VMware Horizon HTML Access"
VDI desktop sample

Enter your mott username and password and select "Continue"

On the list of available machines, select the appropriate option.
  1. For Faculty and staff, this is "Faculty-Staff-W10"
  2. For Students, this is “Academic Lab Base” unless otherwise instructed.
Sample Academic VDI choices

Your browser will now connect you to a Mott Virtual Desktop:
sample image of a MCC desktop

Students - Remotely Connecting to your MCCAD Drives using Randolph

  • Open a browser window
  • Enter the URL:
  • Press Enter
  • If a window comes up telling you the site is not secure choose "Connect Anyway"
  • If prompted, accept the certificate.
  • You will be redirected to Juniper Networks Secure Access SSL VPN
  • Enter you MCCAD username and password (the same as you use for MCC4Me
  • You will now have access to:
    • X: Drive (class shares
    • H: Drive(home)
    • Y: Drive (public)
    • M: Drive (apps)