Connect your Laptop to Mott

Use your laptop across campus! Configure your own laptop for wireless on MCC's campus and in just a few minutes you are ready to access your email, Canvas and other Internet functions.

MCC Main Campus and Satellites

Wireless is available throughout the MCC main campus and at our satellite locations. Remember that distance from the router and differences in laptop computers and other devices determine your signal strength.

If you are having difficulty using MCC's wireless network contact the Help Desk 1208 Curtice-Mott Complex or call (810) 767-4357.

Connecting to MCC Wireless Network

The MCC Wireless Network is currently in the process of modifications and improvements. Please contact the help desk at (810) 762-4357 (2-help), submit a ticket by email - [email protected], or visit the support desk in the Curtice-Mott Complex, CM2118, for help with connecting your device(s) while on campus with temporary alternate options.

Connecting as a Guest to MCC's wireless network (WiFi)

Mott Community College (MCC) operates a campus wide wireless network. Guest access is provided free of charge through "MOTTGuest" wifi. To connect your device to the guest network, connect to the "MOTTGuest" wireless network using your computer/device. Once connected it will take approximately one minute for your device to fully connect and be able to use the Internet. Please note that if you try to use the connection before it's completely connected, you may receive messages that the network isn't working, please then wait and try again.