Choose your MCC Notifications

As a member of the MCC Community you are initially set to receive (opted-in) notifications as both a voice and text message.

Opted-In Notifications

  • Emergency Notifications
  • President's Office Messages
  • Important Account Information
  • Important Dates
The Password Reset is not automatically set for you.

If you do not have at least one password reset contact you will be required to come to our main campus to reset your Mott account.

Account Verification Form Example

To Opt-Out

Go to MCC4me > My Mott Applications > Account Manager

Under the Information Verification you can view your phone numbers on file and customize how and what type of notifications you receive:

Green Plus icon use the Green + to add phone number to receive voice, text (SMS), or both
When you add a phone type you will be automatically opted into all voice and text messaging permissions
Red trashcan icon use the Red trashcan to remove a phone number and no longer receive voice, text (SMS), or both

Customize what type notifications you receive:

To delete a voice or text permission click on the gray x

Delete a voice or text permission

To add a voice or text permission click inside the box to the right of the "Can Receive"

Add a voice or text permission

Your preferences are not saved until you Submit

If you no longer have access to your MCC Account or cannot log into the Account Manager
Unsubscribe Here

General Public (not on domain - [email protected] ie.: parents, visitors, contractors, and vendors)

  • Text message to 226787 and text the keyword MottAlerts20.
  • Once that is completed, you have opted into our Emergency Alert Notification System and you will receive all future text message alerts.