Airborne Release of Hazardous Substances

The Genesee County Department of Emergency Management has developed a plan in accordance with Federal and State laws to respond to the airborne release of hazardous substances. The Department of Public Safety will be notified in the event of an airborne release. Public Safety will contact Facilities Services to request that all ventilation system components be shut down. The Department of Public Safety will then notify college administration, directors, and other campus personnel.

  • During an airborne release, follow these steps:
    1. If directed, evacuate the building site and move to a designated safe location.
    2. If not directed to evacuate, close all windows and doors to the outside.
    3. If the gases start to bother you, hold a wet cloth or paper towel over your nose and mouth.
    4. Do not use elevators. Elevators “pump” outdoor air in and out of a building as they travel up and down.
    5. Frequent updates and guidance will be provided via MCC Public Address System, Public Safety Officers and Emergency Response Team Members.
    6. Monitor the emergency broadcast station on your local radio or television station for updates and information.
  • The lead-time of an airborne release incident could be from zero to thirty minutes. As a result, this short time may not allow for a safe evacuation. An evacuation under these conditions may expose the population to dangerous toxic chemicals; therefore, the recommendation is to shelter inside.
  • Preferred areas for protective sheltering would be interior hallways, rooms without windows or exterior doors, enclosed stairways, and rooms on the side of the building away from the approaching hazard.
  • Attempt to seal around doors and windows with tape and/or clothing or any other materials available.