Department of Public Safety Health Services personnel are trained and prepared to handle medical emergencies on campus.

  • If a serious injury, illness or death occurs on campus, immediately contact the Department of Public Safety at (810) 762-0222, or activate the nearest emergency call box. Give your name, a description of the medical emergency, and the location of the victim. Do not hang up until released by the emergency dispatcher.
  • If conscious and oriented, the individual has the right to determine his/her own health care needs and the response to those needs, including the right to refuse treatment. If the individual refuses treatment, the responding public safety officer will request that they sign a Medical Release form and have their signature witnessed. If the individual refuses to sign the medical release, indicate this on the signature line and have the refusal to sign witnessed.
  • If the person is unconscious or disoriented, contact the Department of Public Safety to activate emergency medical services.
  • Keep the victim still and comfortable until help arrives. Do not move the victim unless unsafe conditions exist.
  • First aid assistance is available through the Department of Public Safety and first aid cabinets are located throughout the campus.
  • AED/CPR response is available through the Department of Public Safety and trained Emergency Response Team members.
  • Notify Facilities Services for clean-up, if required.

MCC Health Services