A Guide for Staying Safe When the Weather Becomes Extreme

  1. Severe Weather is a weather condition that could create a danger to faculty, staff and students. This includes such conditions as dangerous temperatures, snow, ice, wind and rain.
  2. Tornado Emergencies
    1. A watch means that a tornado or violent weather is likely to develop. Employees are expected to be alert to changing weather situations and be prepared to take action if necessary.
    2. A warning means that a tornado or violent weather has been spotted in the immediate area.
  3. If you hear the public address, Severe Weather announcement then move to the designated weather shelter area as quickly as possible.

The following procedures should be followed:

  • Stay away from windows and areas with a large expanse of glass.
  • Close all doors leading into tornado areas.
  • Avoid auditoriums, gymnasiums, and other large rooms with free-span roofs.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Protect your head and face. Cover your eyes with your hands. Coats, jackets and books may be used to cover head, arms and legs to protect them from flying missiles of glass and other debris.
  • If persons with disabilities cannot safely move to the lowest level of the building, assist them to an interior room or hallway that is away from windows and areas with a large expanse of glass.
  • Department of Public Safety will provide regular updates based on information from the local civil defense agency.

If a Tornado Warning is in effect at class dismissal time, every effort should be made to retain students in a safe area in the building until weather conditions permit their safe release.

*Severe Weather Shelter Public Address

Announcement: Attention! Attention! This is the Department of Public Safety. A severe weather incident has been reported and everyone is instructed to seek cover immediately. Move to the lowest level of the building and take cover in an interior room, hallway or designated shelter area. Stay away from exterior doors and windows. Do not leave your shelter area until notified to do so by the Department of Public Safety
Emergency Response Building Maps