Contact the Department of Public Safety First

In case of a radiation emergency, contact the Department of Public Safety at (810) 762-0222 or activate the nearest emergency call box. Public Safety will notify the Chief/Executive Director of Public Safety, the Executive Director of Facilities Services, the Flint Fire Department, the Genesee County Hazardous Materials Team and the Emergency Response Coordinator. In the event of a radiation emergency follow the procedures below:

  1. Secure the affected area. Be sure to close all doors and windows.
  2. Do not allow anyone to leave the area. Affected individuals must be properly checked for radiation contamination and cleared before leaving.
  3. Do not allow unauthorized entry to the affected area. Entry will be limited to qualified emergency personnel.
  4. Do not attempt to clean up the spill.
  5. Should your hands become contaminated, do not touch anything. If your clothing is contaminated do not touch clothing. Decontamination will be performed by the appropriate regulatory agency.